The Devil’s Entertainment

Americans spend more money on the lottery than on any other form of “leisure.”1 American gamblers are seeking either (1) entertainment; or (2) wealth; or both. I use the words “leisure” and “entertainment” here only to highlight that lottery proponents think of lottery as entertainment. The official Powerball Web site says, “The Lottery games are just […]

The Bible and Doping in Sports

In sports there is sometimes a desire to win at practically all costs. Drugs employed by athletes for sport include agents that make the body stronger, larger, increase oxygen carrying capacity, provide energy and/or stimulation, and decrease recovery time after exertion.1 Such drugs have made the headlines via star baseball players in years past, but […]

Sony’s Leak and God’s Omniscience

In recent days, Sony Pictures’ computer network was hacked, apparently by a group calling itself the “Guardians of Peace.”1 So far, the hackers have leaked about 40 gigabytes of sensitive company data from computers belonging to Sony Pictures, including full copies of yet-unreleased films, personal information about employee salaries, performance reviews, emails. The hackers claim […]

Chipotle v. Work

Christians must be constantly vigilant that they do not think as the enemies of the cross do. As the old song says, the devil has been busy in our backyard. Next time you stop into a Chipotle Mexican Grill for a burrito, your meal may come in something unexpected: A bag with a message that […]

Keep Score!

I didn’t play t-ball as a kid (I was always more interested in basketball than baseball). So when I attended my cousin’s t-ball game, I was surprised to find that no official score was kept. I had never played in an “organized” sporting event with no score. Of course, parents and players were keeping unofficial […]

Plagiarism, for Dummies

The following is a one-man skit I performed in chapel at Faulkner University, probably in early 2009. Some students just don’t want to do their homework, particularly if it involves writing. Many of these students have found what seems to them a better way to get their class assignments done: Copy and paste from Wikipedia, […]

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