A Lesson from My Grandfather: “He Knows Better than That”

Not long ago I was talking with my grandfather, Gary Colley, about my concern regarding a preacher who was teaching something contrary to what the Bible teaches. Among other things, my grandfather said, “He knows better than that.” This insight seems simple on its face, but consider its deep significance: With this insight, my grandfather implied that […]

Beer at the Games?

Every passage of the Bible that comments on intoxicating drink teaches that we should not drink it, with the exception of the drink for medical purposes. ((See Wayne Jackson, “Does the Bible Recommend Drinking Alcoholic Beverages?,” Christian Courier, https://www.christiancourier.com/articles/1166-does-the-bible-recommend-drinking-alcoholic-beverages (2013); ibid., “What About Moderate Social Drinking?,” Christian Courier, https://www.christiancourier.com/articles/308-what-about-moderate-social-drinking (2013).))  When I was nine years old, my […]

How G.C. Brewer Won a Horse and Buggy

(Image from the cover of The Christian Youth 2.11 [October, 1912]). I recently heard an interesting lecture by Alan Highers about some lessons we can learn from Restoration history. The lecture included a number of engrossing and inspiring stories. One such story had been relayed to Brother Highers by G.C. Brewer, a great gospel preacher, about an event from […]

What You Said When You Were Under

We can actually learn something from people who talk “out of their minds” when they are under the influence of anesthesia. When Bob is “under,” he may say something ridiculous. However, his friends discount any apparent significance of his words because the words do not at all reflect conscious decisions on Bob’s part, but rather […]

Campbells on “Campbellites”

Members of the churches of Christ are often referred to as “Campbellites,” because two of the leaders in the Restoration Movement were Thomas Campbell and his son Alexander. ((E.g., “Campbellites”)). It is possible that there are those who claim to be Campbellites, but over my years of meeting fellow members of the churches of Christ, […]

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