New Digging Deep Study for Men: “The Gospel from Ground Zero”

The Digging Deep Study for ladies continues to be a widely used tool in the kingdom for women’s spiritual growth. Digging Deep is effective because it is not just a Bible lesson that people can read and then put down. Rather, it prompts participants (affectionately called “diggers”!) to study for themselves, building their own skills in handling God’s word, and then to compare notes as they refine their understanding. This means that everybody can grow regardless of his/her present level of knowledge or understanding. 

Many have asked for a men’s version of the Digging Deep study. Here it is! I am facilitating this study, but I recognize that others in the study know more than I do. This actually is a help rather than a hindrance, because of the “group” nature of the study. 

For this inaugural Digging Deep Study we have chosen the theme, “The Gospel from Ground Zero,” or a study of God’s word and how it saves us. Someone might rightly ask, “I am already a Christian, and I know what the gospel is, so why should I do this study?” Here are my best answers: 

  1. No one but God knows everything about the gospel, and we never will exhaust the potential to appreciate different aspects of the doctrine and reality of salvation. In a sense we are covering familiar territory, and yet this is a “Digging Deep” study—an opportunity for you to mine for yourself the treasure of salvation more thoroughly than you have yet, no matter your starting point. The riches of the Bible are unsearchable (Romans 11:33; Ephesians 3:8), and so I should never say of any biblical truth, “I know all about that already, so I don’t need to study it further.” I discover something new every time I study about grace, faith, truth, etc.
  2. If we are to teach others the gospel capably, we need to understand it in more than a cursory fashion. In our contemporary, pluralistic religious atmosphere, we need to know not only how to tell someone what to do to be saved, but also why the widespread, popular, false doctrines relating to salvation are false. The development of such knowledge takes some time, and if we do not make a point to gain it, then we will be unprepared when confronted with false ideas. If we as diggers will keep a notebook with our responses to the various study questions in the material, then by the end of the 12-month study we will have produced a unique resource that will prepare us for many discussions that frequently come up during personal Bible studies. 
  3. We all need to practice the skills of exegesis (explanation of the text) and application. There are two extremes regarding getting help with Bible study: On the one hand, a person could accept uncritically as true whatever is said by others, without doing any personal study. The Bible teaches against this illogical extreme (Acts 17:11; 2 Timothy 2:15). On the other hand, a person could reject all assistance and cooperation in studying the Bible. Unsurprisingly, the Bible also warns against this extreme (Nehemiah 8:8; Acts 8:31; 18:26). If, after the 12 months of this study, each participant is sharpened by the group and thus prepared to learn on his own what the Bible teaches, then our time will have been well spent. What a tragedy to depend on others to tell us what the Bible says, rather than engaging with it ourselves! 
  4. Digging Deep is an opportunity to fellowship with likeminded students of the Bible, with shared goals of better understanding and application. “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 17:17). Some diggers live in places where the church is weaker numerically and there are fewer such opportunities. 

There are three aspects of participation in the Digging Deep Study for Men: 

  1. Study material. The study material is a free PDF download, available September 1 from ( It is in 12 lessons, each of which is designed to be the basis for a month’s worth of personal or group study. 
  2. Facebook discussion. Our Facebook group launching September 1, Digging Deep Men’s Bible Study, is our forum for discussion. I will moderate the comments from time to time, and I will use comments in the group as the basis for some remarks in the monthly podcast. 
  3. Monthly podcast. I will post an audio podcast, about a half hour in length, on the Facebook page toward the each month. In this podcast I will discuss various passages, reflecting on comments made in the group throughout the month, and I also will make some recommendations for further study. 
  4. Digging Deep Pulpit, a monthly sermon on the study topic, preached by Glenn Colley at the West Huntsville Church of Christ. These sermons will be posted on the group Facebook page and on here.

If you have any questions or comments about the study at any time, feel free to email me at 


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