Sculpting Mount Rushmore

In a recent TV interview, LeBron James said that when his career is over, he would be on the “Mount Rushmore” of NBA players. For James, the four greatest are Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Oscar Robertson (until one of them moves in order to make room for James). This prompted members of […]

What Do You Need?

College football has just concluded its recruiting season, and the NFL Draft Combine is a little over a week away. As our favorite college and pro teams are developing their rosters of the future, one theme is constant: Needs must be addressed. Every team has strengths and weaknesses, some more glaring than others. General managers, […]

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Germain Grisez and Russell Shaw have provided the Christian with a very helpful distinction of commitments. ((Beyond the New Morality (Notre Dame: Notre Dame University Press, 1974), 32-41.)) The best way to understand it is to think of an example: To be a great athlete, a competitor must make two kinds of commitments. The first […]

Keep Score!

I didn’t play t-ball as a kid (I was always more interested in basketball than baseball). So when I attended my cousin’s t-ball game, I was surprised to find that no official score was kept. I had never played in an “organized” sporting event with no score. Of course, parents and players were keeping unofficial […]

Basketball, Brooklyn, Blatche, and the Bible

It seemed the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA were going to be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference this season. One author said “scary good.” Another said the Nets were “overloaded” with stars, paying almost double the salary cap. The idea was that trading for experienced all-stars Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett […]

“I could probably do something else, but. . . .”

Preaching is important because it is the process through which God has chosen to convey the grace of Christ to the world (Romans 10:10-13). Any Christian should share the truth of the gospel with his neighbors and friends (Matthew 28:18-20; Matthew 5:13; Mark 16:15-16), but some take the opportunity to preach full-time, as Paul and […]

Kentucky Sports and the Handshakes

One of the most bizarre sports stories I have seen recently carries the following headline: “Bad sports: Kentucky school teams told not to shake hands after games.” ((CBS News, (2013).)) According to the story, there have been more than two dozen postgame confrontations among high school athletes in Kentucky during the past three years, and […]

On the Hot Seat

There are always coaches who are “on the hot seat,” or in danger of losing their jobs. Sometimes a coach loses his job security because of some infraction(s) off the field, such as Bobby Petrino at Arkansas last year (I personally have never seen a seat get so hot so fast). In other cases, coaches […]

Beer at the Games?

Every passage of the Bible that comments on intoxicating drink teaches that we should not drink it, with the exception of the drink for medical purposes. ((See Wayne Jackson, “Does the Bible Recommend Drinking Alcoholic Beverages?,” Christian Courier, (2013); ibid., “What About Moderate Social Drinking?,” Christian Courier, (2013).))  When I was nine years old, my […]

The Air that Johnny Manziel Signed

As a college football fan, I sometimes come across headlines that are hard to believe. Sometimes they’re hard to believe because they tell about a player’s amazing physical feat. Sometimes they’re hard to believe because they tell about a player or coach doing something ridiculous off the field. Then there’s another category that I could […]

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