You’re a Soul Man (Seriously)

In school, I am studying about the soul and how it relates to the body. While most of the things I’m writing for school would bore most people (sometimes myself included!), my reading has reinforced some important things the Bible says about the soul, and we all should be reminded of such truths. Here are […]

Batman and Your Enemies

I enjoy studying about philosophy and about super heroes, and so I bought an appropriate book. It’s Batman and Philosophy: The Dark Knight of the Soul, part of Blackwell’s “Philosophy and Pop Culture Series.” ((Ed. Mark D. White and Robert Arp (Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, 2008).)) It explains how one can understand various aspects […]

Aristotle and Linda Ronstadt on Earthly Honors

Sometimes a point is so obvious that people from extremely diverse backgrounds readily understand it. Thus natural law theorists point to moral commonalities among broadly diverse cultures and historical periods as evidence for the reality of the natural law. ((e.g., J. Budziszewski, What We Can’t Not Know (Dallas: Spence, 2003).)) This article is not designed […]

A Lesson from My Grandfather: “He Knows Better than That”

Not long ago I was talking with my grandfather, Gary Colley, about my concern regarding a preacher who was teaching something contrary to what the Bible teaches. Among other things, my grandfather said, “He knows better than that.” This insight seems simple on its face, but consider its deep significance: With this insight, my grandfather implied that […]

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