The Main Reason Why There Is No Racial Supremacy

In the wake of the senseless killing of nine church attendees in Charleston, South Carolina last week, there has been much attention to the issue of racial supremacy. Dylann Roof is suspected of committing the Charleston murders because he believed that the white race has greater dignity than the black race. Racial supremacy is rightly […]

The Chimpanzees’ Day in Court

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Hercules and Leo have been kept under lock and key by the State University of New York for locomotion studies. Tuesday was Hercules’ and Leo’s court date, where New York Supreme Court Judge Barbara Jaffe heard arguments about whether the University has violated their rights by detaining […]

The Host of Heaven

The phrase “the host of heaven” occurs often in the Bible, mostly in the Old Testament. You will find this phrase used to denote the following: ((Adapted from James Orr, “Host of Heaven,” International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, ed. Orr, 4 vols. [Peabody: Hendrickson, 1939], 3:1433-34)) The stars and other heavenly bodies. There truly is a […]

“Both Stories Can’t Be True”

If you pay attention to the political media, you constantly hear competing narratives, or ways of explaining the facts. Sometimes the various explanations of, for example, why a presidential candidate lost, are so radically different that we wonder whether all of the experts are even trying to explain the same phenomena. We may respond by […]

A Difference of Degree?

At the beginning of The Descent of Man, Charles Darwin argues that the differences in the mental faculties among all animals (including humans) are differences in degree rather than differences in kind. ((Great Books of the Western World, ed. Robert Hutchins (Chicago: Encyclopaedia Brittanica, 1952), 49:266ff.)) That is, there is a great deal of variation […]

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