Killer Priests

Hosea is known as the “deathbed prophet,” or the “weeping prophet of the North,” because he prophesied during Israel’s last days prior to Assyrian captivity. Hosea decries many heinous sins of the part of the Israelites, including widespread idol worship and fraudulence. These sins, breaking the covenant yet again, were already resulting in the people […]

A Response to Hume on General Revelation

The 18th-century Scottish philosopher David Hume is noted for his empiricism and general skepticism, especially concerning the supernatural basis of religion. Like many of our friends and neighbors, Hume thinks it is vain to attempt to prove that God exists and that there is a future world of reward and punishment. In a lively reading from […]

When Someone Hates God

A young man (call him Bob) has rejected Christianity in favor of a hatred of God. Bob does not disbelieve in the existence of God nor has he chosen a religion other than biblical Christianity (self-worship excepted), but simply a rejection of what he perceives to be inappropriate behavior on God’s part. Bob’s leading objection […]

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