When You Go Back to School

I seem to go back to school every fall for at least one course. Not a single semester (or six-week period, or quarter, or whatever) has been wasted, because every time I learned something that I really needed to know. Sometimes students in school learn things that are very specialized and that not everybody needs […]

Sculpting Mount Rushmore

In a recent TV interview, LeBron James said that when his career is over, he would be on the “Mount Rushmore” of NBA players. For James, the four greatest are Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Oscar Robertson (until one of them moves in order to make room for James). This prompted members of […]

On the Seriousness of Sunday School for All Ages

The American philosopher Mortimer Adler says that we make a deep mistake when we identify education with formal schooling, and particularly with childhood. ((How to Think About the Great Ideas (Chicago: Open Court, 2000), 184-185.)) Adler argues that adults are actually more educable than children, and even more so if childhood education was done well: […]

On “Weird” Homeschoolers

I was homeschooled for most years of school up until the time I went to college. I do not worry much about how homeschoolers are perceived by the wider culture because: (1) If I worried about every worrisome view held by the “wider culture” I would need to go to a therapist regularly. (2) I […]

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