Kentucky Sports and the Handshakes

One of the most bizarre sports stories I have seen recently carries the following headline: “Bad sports: Kentucky school teams told not to shake hands after games.” ((CBS News, (2013).)) According to the story, there have been more than two dozen postgame confrontations among high school athletes in Kentucky during the past three years, and […]

Lads to Leaders and Spiritual Growth

A congregation that is close to my heart will be initiating its participation in Lads to Leaders in the coming days, and this event calls to mind how much Lads has done for me. As I enter my 21st year of participation, I would like to briefly describe the program and say why more congregations […]

Movie Night: Mildred Pierce

From time to time, I recommend movies that teach valuable lessons for Christians to consider. Mildred Pierce (1945, Warner Bros.) is worth watching if only to see Joan Crawford at her best. It’s an engaging drama that begins with a shooting and then covers the significant events that led to the murder. The story is […]

Movie Night: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

German philosopher Immanuel Kant rightly observed that a human being cannot learn to practice perfect justice during this lifetime (Jesus is the exception, of course). ((“The Dialectic of Pure Reason in Defining the Summum Bonum,” The Critique of Practical Reason.)) For example, Christians may understand the logical structure of the Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12) and […]

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