March Madness: A Fundamental Lesson

I haven’t watched much college basketball this season (I’m more interested in the NBA). When I tuned in for March Madness last week, one aspect of the college game jarred me. Often the shooters do not get set—balanced evenly on their feet—before shooting. They are fading away from the basket, leaning to the left, leaning […]

“You Can’t Reason Anyone into the Kingdom”?

I recently saw a video in which a prominent New Testament Greek scholar, Dr. Bill Mounce, talks about what apologetics can and can’t do. The content of the video is worth considering, because Dr. Mounce takes three critical positions, all three of which are typical of what is frequently called “presuppositional” apologetics. Think about each […]

Questioning Authority

One of the basic principles introduced to students of philosophy is that it is important to question authority, i.e., that one of the signs of a mature mind is that it doesn’t believe everything it is told by an authority figure simply because the source is an authority figure. ((E.g., Robert C. Solomon, et al., […]

The Eye of The Beholder (Part Two)

In the first part of this discussion, I explained why it is reasonable to think that truth is objective. I then noted that many people think that beauty, unlike truth, is totally subjective, or “in the eye of the beholder.” But if beauty is purely subjective, and standards of beauty vary from one person to […]

The Eye of The Beholder (Part One)

More than once, especially during my teenage years, I told my friends how great I thought some music was, and I was bewildered that they did not share my opinion! What could explain our difference of opinion, when the quality of the music seemed so obvious to me? Nowadays, many people think that truth is […]

You’re a Soul Man (Seriously)

In school, I am studying about the soul and how it relates to the body. While most of the things I’m writing for school would bore most people (sometimes myself included!), my reading has reinforced some important things the Bible says about the soul, and we all should be reminded of such truths. Here are […]

Whose Law Did the Nazis Violate?

Those who argue for the existence of God based on human morality have often cited a particular statement by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson. His statement is particularly relevant because it came in the trial of Nazi war criminals at the close of World War II. The Nazi leaders had argued that they were […]

The Case for the Christ: Resurrection and Jewish Transformation

While it is well known that people question the divinity of Jesus, ((E.g., “Jesus Seminar Phase 3: Profiles of Jesus,” (2013).)) it may surprise some to find out that there have long been those who question whether Jesus is a historical person. ((See Robert E. Van Voorst, “Nonexistence Hypothesis,” Jesus in History, Thought, and […]

“I’ve been taught not to question those things.”

Philosophers disagree about how to define philosophy. Is it a turn of mind, a professional field, a set of subject areas, or what? I have an opinion about this, which I will not defend here. Still, when I teach an introductory philosophy course, I must give a course description in the syllabus. So I put […]

The Tragedy of Post-Christian Culture; The Opportunity of Pre-Christian Culture

I do not remember the first time I heard someone say that Western society represents a post-Christian culture. If he was correct, then the West represents a tragedy. In Hebrews 6:6, the inspired writer ominously warns first-century Christians against falling away from the faith, and does so based on the tragic condition of one who […]

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