Digging Deep Bible Study for Men

Digging Deep Men’s Bible Study is an interactive, on-line Bible study led by Caleb Colley and Ben Giselbach.

There are four aspects of participation in the Digging Deep Study for Men: 

  1. Study material. The study material is a free PDF download from this page (see below). It is in 12 lessons, each of which is designed to be the basis for a month’s worth of personal or group study. The study is posted in quarterly portions (e.g., September through November, December through February, etc.). If you would like copies of previous years’ studies, please contact me at calebcolley@gmail.com
  2. Facebook discussion. Our Facebook group, Digging Deep Men’s Bible Study, is our forum for discussion. I will moderate the comments from time to time, and I will use comments in the group as the basis for some remarks in the monthly podcast. 
  3. Monthly podcast. I will post to this page and to the Facebook page an audio podcast, about a half hour in length, toward the each month. In this podcast I will discuss various passages, reflecting on comments made in the group throughout the month, and I also will make some recommendations for further study.
  4. Digging Deep Pulpit, a monthly audio sermon on the current subject. 

If you have any questions or comments about the study at any time, feel free to email me at calebcolley@gmail.com. 

Digging Deep Men’s Study (First Quarter-September through November)

Digging Deep Men’s Study (Second Quarter-December through February)

Digging Deep Men’s Study (Third Quarter-March through May)

Digging Deep Men’s Study (Fourth Quarter-June through August)

On-line Resources for Men’s Digging Deep Bible Study

Digging Deep Pulpit for May:

Digging Deep Pulpit for April:

Digging Deep Pulpit for March:

Digging Deep Pulpit for February:


Digging Deep Pulpit for December:

Digging Deep Pulpit for November:

Digging Deep Pulpit for October:

Digging Deep Pulpit for September (Part Three):

Digging Deep Pulpit for September (Part Two):

Digging Deep Pulpit for September (Part One):



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