The Bible and Population Growth

For years there have been heated discussions about the Earth’s population. Some, like Paul Ehrlich in the late 1960s and 70s, warned that the Earth could not support the growing human population. ((See “The Population Bomb?,” The New York Times, (2015).)) He wrote the bestselling The Population Bomb (1968), repeatedly went on Johnny Carson’s […]

NY Times: Children Need a Father

In recent years, as The New York Times has glorified the sexual revolution’s redefinition of the family, the paper has vigorously argued that children are not really disadvantaged by having no father. ((See Albert Mohler, “The Briefing 10-28-15,” The Times’ blaring message has been that it makes no difference whether a child has one […]

Why American Medical Schools are Reluctant to Train Abortionists

It is tempting for Christians to think that the cultural battle over elective abortion has been lost—that we should not teach and preach as often and as urgently about an issue on which so many have already sided with the devil. There are a number of reasons we must keep teaching and preaching about the […]

Sculpting Mount Rushmore

In a recent TV interview, LeBron James said that when his career is over, he would be on the “Mount Rushmore” of NBA players. For James, the four greatest are Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Oscar Robertson (until one of them moves in order to make room for James). This prompted members of […]

Maybe We Should Switch

One of the consequences of failing to take the Old Testament seriously is the loss of the valuable guidance of the Proverbs. One of the Proverbs’ themes is the discipline of children, and corporal punishment (not abuse) is vividly portrayed and encouraged. If you have ever wondered whether the Bible stands on the pro-spanking side […]

Keep Score!

I didn’t play t-ball as a kid (I was always more interested in basketball than baseball). So when I attended my cousin’s t-ball game, I was surprised to find that no official score was kept. I had never played in an “organized” sporting event with no score. Of course, parents and players were keeping unofficial […]

Training is Not Optional

Christians often emphasize the role of parents in child rearing by saying that the influence of a child’s parents is much greater than the influence of other people in the child’s life. The Bible certainly supports this point (Ephesians 6:1-4) but what is the nature of this quantitative judgment? What do we mean when we […]

Movie Night: Holiday

Contrary to what might seem obvious, many people get the blues around Christmastime not because they are listening to weak, pop-star Christmas albums instead of Ray Charles’ The Spirit of Christmas. (( As I understand it, many are discouraged because they think greed and commercialization now rule the holiday season. At least Charlie Brown sees […]

On the Seriousness of Sunday School for All Ages

The American philosopher Mortimer Adler says that we make a deep mistake when we identify education with formal schooling, and particularly with childhood. ((How to Think About the Great Ideas (Chicago: Open Court, 2000), 184-185.)) Adler argues that adults are actually more educable than children, and even more so if childhood education was done well: […]

Movie Night: No Highway in the Sky

From time to time I will write articles here to discuss movies that promote Christian ideals in one way or another. These movies are worth watching not only because they are well made, but also because they are worth our careful consideration in light of truths from Scripture. I suppose James Stewart is on many […]

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